The best Bali accommodation is relying on Havenland Bali, so you get a very satisfying and comfortable service. Especially if coupled with private swimming pool facilities that make intimacy while on vacation in Bali more comfortable and better. And for those of you who want to know more complete information, let’s see the review below!

4 Top Bali Accommodation Villas

Villa Minimari

Bali Accommodation VILLA MINIMARI

Villa Minimari is a villa that you can order at Havenland Bali as its main brand. When staying at this place, you don’t need to worry because this place is very close to Taksu Gallery, terminals, hospitals and food centers, there are even shopping and entertainment centers. The rental price in this place is very cheap and affordable.

One of the facilities that can be enjoyed while you are at the villa is a private swimming pool which is located adjacent to your room. Each room is also equipped with a laundry service, a shower and a kitchenette. Visitors can also use transportation while in this place, such as air transportation.

You can also use the kid friendly facilities in the form of a shuttle service from the airport or even to the airport. Apart from enjoying the existing facilities, you can also enjoy the pleasure of a spa while in the Villa Minimari. This villa also has a garden provided for children, young couples available in the villa area.

Private villa Accommodation Bali

Paradise Loft Villas Bali

The Mediterranean concept is a concept that blends with the paradise loft villas in Bali. This place is a Balinese accommodation located on the Jimbaran hill and facing Tanjung Benoa. The location of this place is only 10 minutes drive from Jimbaran Beach, although it is different from the location of Ngurah Rai Airport which only takes 20 minutes.

The costs that you can pay to stay at this villa are very pocket-friendly prices. There are lots of facilities that you can enjoy, one of which is a private pool which is quite large in size. Tourist attractions are also very close, one of which is the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, the Perjuangan Monument, the Nusa Dua SquaRe and the 1945 RI Independence Monument.

Please note that this villa is located on Jl. Shades of East EE, Benoa, Kec. South Kuta, Kab. Badung, Bali. In each room there are facilities such as cable television, refrigerator, bathroom with shower, in-room safe that anyone can enjoy. There are other activities that you can enjoy in this place, one of which is a garden, massage services, spa and others

Most Beautiful Villas in Bali

Villa Bica

Villa Bica

The Bali Accommodation that you can choose is Villa Bica, which is a type of villa that visitors like to explore. This villa is equipped with facilities such as a private pool with water typical of hilly areas which is soothing and fresh to the eye.

The concept of lodging in this place is a blend of traditional and modern lodging. So, this is the main attraction of a beautiful private villa.

Bali Accommodation Villa Private Pool

Ibiza Villa


Ibiza Villa

Ibiza Villa is the best Bali Accommodation villa that has an affordable rental price per night, because this inn is a recommended inn. Especially for those of you who are on their honeymoon, of course you can order special packages for customers at this place.

This package is a very special package because there are flowers in the private pool, and a candle light dinner which makes your night more beautiful. In fact, you can also enjoy flowers in the bathtub which is accompanied by a free spa. You can get all kinds of facilities in the Widyas Bali villa for under one million rupiah.

Ibiza Villa is a place that carries a classic theme. Staying at this place makes you feel a luxurious vintage atmosphere, complete with very spacious rooms. With this private swimming pool, you as a visitor don’t have to worry about getting disturbed from outside.

How Much is Accommodation in Bali?

Accommodation in Bali

Villa is one of the Bali Accommodation that certainly leaves beautiful memories that sometimes anyone can remember. Villa is the most appropriate place when you want to spend time with your family and loved ones, which will add to its own privileges while on holiday in Bali.

The price paid is a very affordable price, both in the wallets of travelers or students. Accommodation in Bali is certainly within reach of anyone who wants to stay or vacation in Bali. Coupled with various facilities such as a free spa that adds to the intimacy while on vacation in Bali.

That’s all that can be explained in this article, hopefully it’s useful.