Holiday villa accommodation in Bali with Havenland Bali offers a variety of exclusive private villas that are suitable for families and enjoy an unforgettable experience with the best holiday villas that Havenland Bali has to offer. With extraordinary facilities, this is certainly a symbol of unrivaled luxury and comfort.

In the distance of the island of Bali, lies a world of inviting beauty. Havenland Bali, a luxury hideaway, is the gateway to the best villa accommodation. This is not just a holiday destination, but the perfect blend of unforgettable luxury and tranquility. In this article we will explore its alluring charm.

Information about the best luxury villa accommodation with Havenland Bali

Holiday villa accommodation in Bali with Havenland Property offers a variety of exclusive private villas that are suitable for families and enjoy an unforgettable experience with the best holiday villas that Havenland Bali has to offer. At Havenland Bali, we understand how important holiday moments with family are. Bali family villas in Bali are specially designed to provide comfort for all members of your family, ensuring everyone enjoys the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure amidst the beauty of this island.

Every detail in Bali family villas is carefully designed to provide an unforgettable experience for every member of your family. From the facilities to the room design, we are committed to creating a warm and pleasant space, a place where precious moments on holidays with the family can be realized perfectly.With extraordinary facilities, this is certainly a symbol of unrivaled luxury and comfort.

Luxury holiday villa rentals

Luxury holiday villa rentals in Havenland Property go beyond mere accommodation in Bali. We promise an immersive journey where luxury and beauty unfold at every turn. We highly recommend exploring the curated collection of villas at Havenland Property.


Situated in a tranquil area just 5 minutes from Pererenan Beach, White Waves Villa boasts a prime location in the heart of trendy Pererenan. With its bright and minimalist design, complemented by high-end furniture and services, this spacious villa offers 4 bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms.

Padi Palace Villa


Padi Palace Villa seamlessly blends natural and traditional elements in a tasteful luxury setting. This 3 bedroom villa features an exquisite interior overlooking the sublime landscape of paddy fields. Accessible by car, Padi Palace Villa is the perfect retreat for you, your family, or friends, offering various entertainments such as a pool table, painting canvas, and an outdoor swimming pool.

Sunny Home Havenland Property

Sunny Home

Nestled in the serene area of Canggu, Sunny Home is a spacious modern 3 bedroom retreat with ensuite bathrooms.This 3 bedrooms in Canggu equipped with air-conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and an open kitchen. Just 1.9 miles from Berawa Beach and Nelayan Beach, Imagine Villa offers tranquility within reach. The nearest airport, Ngurah Rai International Airport, is only 9.2 miles away. 

Discover relaxation at the villa’s sparkling swimming pool, nestled in the serene inner courtyard. Ascend to the second floor and be welcomed by a terrace adorned with chairs and a table, offering the perfect spot to relish the magnificent views of the surrounding nature. Sunny Home invites you to experience a retreat where modern comfort meets the tranquility of its natural surroundings.

Private villa rentals

With Havenland private villa rentals, experiencing the heights of privacy and exclusivity is inevitable. Entering this world, every corner is carefully arranged to align all the details to meet your desires. From the first step in the villa, you will feel the luxurious atmosphere.

What’s more interesting is that it will be personalized according to your personal needs and preferences. This is not just a place to stay, but a lodging experience that is pampering in every aspect.

Moreover, our private villa rentals offer an intimate escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Each moment within our villas is crafted to create a space filled with intimacy and tranquility, ensuring a uniquely special and unforgettable experience.

Contact our sales team now via WhatsApp +628819090888 or email [email protected] to embark on the journey of realizing the private villa of your dreams. Your sanctuary of luxury and privacy awaits, and we are here to make your vision a reality.

Best holiday villas in Bali

Saga Villa Havenland

Best holiday villas in Bali offer luxury, but also provide an unforgettable experience for tourists. From exotic beaches to stunning hills, every corner of Bali has a choice of villas to suit a variety of visitor preferences.

From those overlooking the ocean to those surrounded by green rice fields, each villa has its own unique charm. Best holiday villas in Bali offer the best facilities, from private swimming pools, spacious gardens, to pampering spa services.

Not only that, the luxurious and elegant interior of the villa creates a comfortable atmosphere for guests. Visitors can enjoy perfect privacy while enjoying stunning natural views. It’s not surprising that these villas are the main choice for tourists who want a special holiday experience on this island of the gods.

Havenland Bali sits amidst the stunning Balinese landscape, offering the ultimate holiday villa experience. With excellent service, luxurious facilities and a stunning location, each villa is a special place for guests. Enjoy the natural charm and unrivaled luxury in this destination, creating holiday memories that will last forever in your heart.

Havenland Bali opens the door to a world where luxury meets comfort, ensuring every moment exceeds expectations. Whether you’re looking for a private hideaway or a family-friendly getaway, our collection of holiday villas in Bali promise an unforgettable escape.

Explore unlimited luxury at Havenland Bali with a selection of stunning private villas. Enjoy the freshness of the flowing river at White Wave Riverside Villa, extraordinary intimacy at White Wave Villa, the warmth of home at Mimi Villa, and exotic charm at Frangipani Villa. Discover an unforgettable holiday experience in every villa we offer, with facilities and services that exceed your expectations. And to find the best villa, you can trust the Havenland property agent.