FAQ Booking Questions

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) booking questions are a collection of frequently asked questions by customers about the process of booking a service or product at Havenland.

To book a villa at Havenland, you can fill out a form on the page of each property, which will be sent directly to Havenland’s whatsapp or email.

Reservation requests can definitely be canceled if you contact customer service.

Reservation requests can definitely be canceled if you contact customer service.

To check reservations, You can confirm via WhatsApp +62 881 9090 888 or email [email protected]

Weekly Villa Booking Questions

They will clean the house 3-5 days, except for some other days like weekends. You will get this service if you decide to rent a villa with a weekly rental.

The towels you will use later are clean towels, it should be noted that the towels in this villa are towels that are changed every day or every 2 days. So, we prioritize your comfort as a villa renter.

Yes, this will definitely depend on the villa itself and the owner.

Yes, the kitchen we have is a well-maintained kitchen and has adequate facilities. You can enjoy this facility if you want to cook in the kitchen or make appetizing menu offerings.

Wifi is one of the facilities that has been included in payment, so you can enjoy this facility if you decide to rent Havenland rental per week.

Monthly Villa Booking Questions

If you rent a villa that we have monthly, then the cleaning schedule carried out by our service is 3 times a week. The service that we have is a service that is very satisfying to customers, so you don’t need to worry about the cleanliness of the villa if you rent a villa per week.

As for swimming pool cleaning, we do it 2 to 3 times per week. So you can enjoy the facilities by swimming in the pool. Swimming facilities are one of the facilities that many people dream of, of course you can enjoy this facility if you decide to rent a villa in Havenland.

Please note, that most villas have parking spaces for motorbikes and cars because it depends on the area and location of the villa. Of course, you are free to bring vehicles such as motorbikes when renting a villa in Bali.

In general, if you rent a villa monthly, the monthly electricity rent will depend on the villa and the price. Sometimes you do have to pay for it yourself, which is already included in the initial price of the villa.

WiFi, of course, is in the villa because the cost of the wifi itself is included in the cost of paying for the villa. You can enjoy Villa services by enjoying the wi-fi facility contained in it.

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Yearly Villa Booking Questions

Generally for havenlandbali annual rental, they only give the villas for rent and do not include their staff. You can also use staff owned by Fila but you have to pay for the staff yourself.

As for swimming pool maintenance, of course it’s the same as cleaning staff that you pay for yourself. This is because, in general, the staff only cleans twice a week according to the initial terms and conditions of the annual villa rental.

You need to know that you can enjoy all the facilities in the villa by paying according to your needs, one of which is wifi. Where this Wifi is a facility of the owner’s price, where the wi-fi will be installed by the owner and you pay yourself every month.

Pets that you have are allowed to be brought, because these conditions depend on the villa you live in. You can bring a pet that you like into the villa, this is of course a risk that will be borne by the owner. Therefore, if you bring pets to the villa, then make sure you can care for and look after your pets properly.

As a consumer who rents a villa per year, you don’t need to worry about this. Because, high-quality and best villas are villas that provide a large parking area.