Bali Villa Rentals Monthly are villas that you can rent monthly, one of which is Havenland. As we already know, spending vacation time with our closest family is the most awaited thing every year.

What are the 5 reasons why living Bali Villa Rentals Monthly?

  1. Comfortable and very satisfying, because we can freely do various things that we like while in the villa.
  2. We are also free to stay anytime and anywhere, especially when on vacation or enjoying the beauty. Especially if the villa in question is a villa that is close to tourist attractions.
  3. There are lots of advantages, one of which is the Villa which can be used as a relaxing time.
  4. Own villas are also considered more comfortable to live in, rather than having to rent someone else’s villa.
  5. You can also enjoy all kinds of facilities while at the villa.

Cheap monthly villa rentals Bali

Tamyang Ubud Villas


Tamyang Ubud Villas

Tamyang Ubud Bali is a villa surrounded by rice fields. This villa area is an area that is the target of tourists visiting Bali. You can of course find rice fields when leaving the Villa inn.

You can also find a very spacious and quiet room when you spend the night in this place. Not only that, because you can also cook food in the kitchen that is available. If you are too lazy to cook you can enjoy a continental or American breakfast.

Bali Villa with private pool

Villa Kuca


Villa Kuca

Villa Kuca is Bali villa rentals which is one of the accommodations suitable for couples to use. This villa is known as a villa with a very comfortable atmosphere to use to rest and spend time with loved ones. The location of the villa itself is in a strategic area and very easy to reach. You can also enjoy a private swimming pool that can be used anytime. Especially for those of you who have a hobby of cycling, of course you can rent a bicycle from the services in the villa.

Benefits of Affordable Villas in Bali

Bali Villa Rentals Monthly

Like Home Alone

One of the advantages of Bali villa rentals monthly while on vacation is that it gives you a sense of comfort from the villa itself. Renting a villa will make you feel at home and it will make you feel more relaxed. Renting a villa is also very suitable for travelers who come with family and children.

More comfortable

The villa makes you feel comfortable because there are lots of public facilities that you can enjoy alone in this villa. One of these public facilities is a swimming pool, which is unlike in a hotel that shares a swimming pool with other visitors.

Of course, you can use the swimming pool for yourself or with your family and loved ones. Not surprisingly, this makes you much more free in your activities. You can also express and be free to do activities while you are in the rented villa.

The villa is also very suitable for purchases that come in groups. Especially for those of you who decide to vacation in groups, of course you can do these activities until the break comes. Especially if you decide to rent a villa with several supporting facilities such as a game room, swimming pool to a very neat garden.

Free Activities

Another advantage that you can get from renting a villa while on vacation is that you are free to have any activities. You can do whatever you want without disturbing other activities because you are renting a whole villa building. You can also easily consider renting a monthly villa while on holiday in Bali.

Save Budgets

Another advantage of renting a villa is that it helps you save expenses during your vacation. It is not worth it than you have to stay at a hotel for several rooms and pay additional fees for a number of facilities.

By renting a villa, of course you can save on expenses such as paying a villa cleaner or a cook to a villa guard. There are many advantages to renting a villa, which are not as small as many people think.

How to find cheap monthly Villas in Bali ?

How to Find Cheap Villas

You need to know that renting Bali villa near the tourist destination you are going to visit is something that you must do when you visit again. But if you are still unsure, then you can contact the customer service Havenland in charge of renting a villa. In this case you also need to consider the budget you have and the facilities you will get when you choose a villa.